The venue of the Workshop is the Savona University Campus; located in Savona, Italy.

The Workshop site is easily accessible by car and by train, since the Savona University Campus is very close to the “Savona” freeway exit and 10 minutes by bus from the railway station.

The Workshop site is also easily reachable from the city centre with shops, restaurants and monuments to visit (10 minutes by bus/car, 30 minutes walking).

The rooms where the conference will take place are MA218 (Marchi Building) and AN1 as presented on the map below.

mappa sito

By plane

The nearest international airport is situated in Genova (45 km from Savona).

Savona can be reached from Genova airport by public transport services, by taking a bus to “Genova Sestri Ponente Aeroporto” railway station and, then, taking a train to “Savona” railway station.

Transfer services can be organized from Genova airport to Savona:

Other close airports are in Milan (220 km from Savona) and Nice (150 km far from Savona).

By train/bus

The Savona train station is in Aldo Moro square, nearby the city centre of Savona. Visit Treni talia website to find out the train schedule. When you arrive at the station, you can reach the Campus: • by foot (about 20 min) • by taxi (about 5 min) calling the phone number +39 019808080 (price about 10 euros) • by bus (about 15 min), local transportation lines (TPL): 1,1/,4,4/. The bus stop is in front of the station exit, in Aldo Moro square. Bus tickets can be bought at the station at the TPL point (located about 50 m from the bus stop). The ticket price is 1,50 € (2.50 € if bought on board). The bus stops closest to the Campus are (see the following map): 1. Via Molinero, North entrance (lines 4,4/) 2. Via Magliotto/Bonini, South entrance (lines 4,4/) 3. Via Cadorna, near the stadium (lines 1,1/) For more information and to know the timetable visit the TPL website (only in IT language).

By car

The Savona University Campus is 2 kilometres far from the “Savona” highway exit. To reach the Campus follow the signs towards “City centre” and then towards “Municipal stadium”, “Swimming pool” and “University”.


Campus Savona

The Savona University Campus is a decentralized research and teaching facility of the University of Genova, located in Savona, Italy.

The Campus offers courses in Engineering, tailored to the environment, energy and management science sectors, Health Sport Sciences, Nursing and Media Sciences, to more than 1700 students. At the Savona Campus, the Engineering laboratories are active in the fields of renewable energy systems, control of transportation systems, decision support systems for logistic networks, combustion processes, smart grids, simulation and optimization of complex systems.

In the area of Savona University Campus, there are 10 buildings hosting classrooms, study halls, laboratories, one library, service centres, cafeteria and canteen, students accommodations, and more than 15 SMEs.Different sport facilities are present, such as a tennis court, a football field and a gym.

In November 2016, the Savona University Campus joined the ISCN – International Sustainable Campus Network network, founded in 2007, is a global forum for leading universities to exchange ideas and best practices for integrating sustainability into campus operations, research and teaching. To date, over 85 Members represent top-tier colleges and universities from over 30 countries all over the world.

In 2017, the Savona University Campus was one of the 5 world finalists of ISCN award in the “Building and Innovative Infrastructure” category thanks to its innovative and energy-efficient research infrastructures of the Smart Polygeneration Microgrid and Smart Energy Building (

Last update 23 May 2024